Life is what we make of it, and I choose to make mine a beautiful journey.

My name is Nick, and along with my daughter Emma, we enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible. On any given day, you might catch us hiking the trails at Franklin Creek State Park or shore fishing at Shabbona Lake State Park.

I recently began reviewing the chapters of my life: the highs and the lows, the activities that have filled me with passion, and the things that have truly inspired me.

As a kid, I used to fish a lot. As I grew up and the years progressed, my passion for the outdoors waned. I stopped fishing. I stopped hiking. I became a robot to the daily grind.

This is the summer that I reconnect with my passions, and spend time with those who fill my heart with love.

A major part of that journey is outdoorsmanship. Fishing, hiking, picnicking, and just enjoying the beauty of the world around us.

My daughter and I's first catch of the year.
My daughter and I with our first catch of the year.

And I’m blessed beyond words. My 10-year-old daughter, Emma, actually loves fishing. In fact, the first fish that we caught this year (her first ever), she wanted to participate in cleaning and filleting it, cooking it, and eating it.

I have the best daughter ever, and I want to keep these kinds of activities fun and enjoyable for her.

This website is our outlet to share with you our journey. We’ll share fishing tips and advice that we pick up along the way. We’ll review gear that we find to be useful. And hopefully we’ll connect with some other anglers who are passionate about nature as well.

I hope you enjoy the site, and if you ever find yourself in Northern Illinois, be sure to hit us up.